Hello, world.

    Welcome new readers and search algorithms!

    I'll acknowledge at the outset that I'm two decades late to the blog game. I'm so late, in fact, that the entire era of the blog collapsed and gave way to the consolidated mass media social conglomerate of Facebook.

    But the rise of Facebook and Twitter dovetailed with a change in our news consumption and reading habits, from longer-form newspaper delivered once or twice a day to a stream of hot takes. The principle isn't hard to tease out: thought grows nuance and complexity not necessarily with more time, but with a longer attention span.

    Far from being immune to these trends, I've watched my own writing become warped by the Facebook Skinner Box, myself become distractible by the tug of the phone notification, and my attention span become fragmented, and I think I need a space to write more deliberately without metrics.

    Hence this blog. I may add comments at some point, but I'll avoid any kind of tracking or optimization. I want to communicate myself, personally and unmarketed. Mistakes on my part are inevitable, but independence from Facebook means at least they're my mistakes, not produced by passive participation in a system that turns social life into a competition.

    On the other hand, there's no way I could write worse than Bret Stephens.

    -Michael DeMichillie

    Michael DeMichillie

    Michael DeMichillie

    I studied Political Science in college, but I work in tech now. I hope that gives me some understanding of the liminal space between the old, well-studied world and the new, undefined one.